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AltDex provides market capitalization-weighted crypto indices that serve as benchmarks across multiple digital asset categories.


AltDex leverages an adjusted market cap-weighted approach as the main filtering criteria for each of our indices. Each index will be reviewed and re-balanced on the first of every month.

General Exclusion Criteria

  • No stablecoins, egregious forks, or well-documented scam coins.
  • No coins with less than 5% circulating supply.
  • No coins with less than 1-month trading history.

General Weighting Criteria

  • All coins within a selected index will be weighted according to market cap-averaged from over 90 exchanges and 22,000 trading pairs.
  • Weighting is automatically updated every 5 minutes.
  • Each index has a starting value of 100.

AltDex 100 (ALT100)

The AltDex 100 is the best single-gauge of the large-cap cryptocurrencies and tokens.

  • Number of Constituents: 100
  • Trailing 30 day average daily trading volume $100,000.

AltDex Exchange Token Index (ALTEXC)

The AltDex Exchange Token Index defines and monitors the industry’s leading crypto exchange tokens.

  • Number of Constituents: 25
  • Market capitalization greater than $5,000,000.

AltDex Privacy Coin Index (ALTPRV)

The AltDex Privacy Coin Index defines and monitors cryptocurrencies and tokens focused on privacy or security.

  • Number of Constituents: 18
  • Market capitalization greater than $5,000,000.

AltDex Masternode Index (ALTMSN)

The AltDex Masternode Index defines and monitors cryptocurrencies that leverage masternodes to support network functionality without hyperinflation.

  • Number of Constituents: 17
  • Market capitalization greater than $5,000,000.

AltDex Blockchain Gaming Index (ALTGME)

The market cap-weighted AltDex Blockchain Gaming Index tracks coins and tokens of blockchain projects directly related to gaming, esports or other similar decentralized applications.

  • Number of Constituents: 17
  • Market capitalization greater than $1,000,000.

Note: This section will be updated with the release of each new index to clearly outline each index’s constituent inclusion criteria.


Q: When was AltDex started?
A: AltDex was launched in June of 2018, on the backdrop of a major push towards the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency.

Q: When will new indices be released?
A: There is no pre-determined release schedule. All announcements will be made on our official Twitter account: @altcoindex

Q: Can I submit my project for inclusion in a specific index?
A: Yes, we considered all projects that fit the provided criteria. To request a review, submit your project info and a statement on why your project should be included to admin@altdex.co

Q: Can I add an AltDex widget or API to my site?
A: Soon, we are in the process of providing support to select websites and companies interested in displaying the AltDex indices.

Q: Are there options for advertisers?
A: Yes, we offer targeted advertising packages. Interested parties should contact us at admin@altdex.co

Q: Are the AltDex indices investment vehicles?
A: No. AltDex is simply a market monitoring tool and should not be construed as an investment tool, or as the basis for any investment.

Q: Who manages AltDex?
A: AltDex is managed by the same team of economists and researchers that created SludgeFeed.